Spiritual Restructuring

Spiritual Restructuring consists of reallignment of the physical body, and balancing various areas of the body, the auric field and the chakras to integrate physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of oneself in order to achieve optimum functioning on all levels of Being.

Illnesses that do not appear to respond to medication, physiotherapy or other conventional treatments can all result from past life trauma.

For example, an old torture episode or war wound from long ago can leave the energy of a twisted limb or stiff neck, or the memory of a spear or knife laceration in the DNA.

With the help of Spirit and using a pendulum and kinetic testing for guidance, these responses can be removed together with the subconscious memories of the original trauma.

The discomfort vanishes and harmony is restored to all levels. To initially relax a client joins in a meditation with the therapist. A session lasts for about an hour.